Let’s have a chat about everyone’s favorite controversy: Abortion. As a conservative Christian it should come as no surprise where I stand on this issue, especially seeing as I have not been particularly quiet on this issue myself. Lets take a look at the reasoning behind the pro-life stance and how we can reconcile this between the desire for smaller government and less regulations.

First of all we need to clarify the stance that I have on the issue. All life begins at conception with no exception. Whether the child was planned or whether the child has no bearing on whether or not the child deserves the right to live. Abortion kills the child in the very early stages of development in the womb and sometimes even as late as 20 weeks when most ultrasounds are able to determine the sex of the baby. There is a lot of disagreement about whether or not the zygote compromises a human life but let’s take a look at some of the facts.

Most abortions are performed between 6-8 weeks. At this point in development the heart is beating and various other components of the body are already developing fully as can be seen here. At what point can you not call this a human being? Many people who support legalized abortion for any reason sit on the side that it’s not a human being until after the first trimester. There are some that even call for abortions as late as the third trimester.

More than anything, the issue of abortion stems from the right of a woman to her body and the right of the baby to life. Proponent or abortion more often than not like to bring up cases of rape and incest, when those particular cases only make up about 1% of all abortion cases [1]. The argument that the fetus is just a part of the woman’s body doesn’t hold any water either. The fetus is dependent on the mother for nutrition and development, but so are infants and children. Does that mean that we can safely kill children at any point because they are a drain on the parent’s bodies and resources? Any sane person would answer that question negatively, so why do we apply that logic to unborn babies?

A more controversial aspect of this is the argument that children could be born with genetic or congenital diseases that hinder their lives. I personally know of several people who were born with such diseases who make their families happy. It’s not easy on them, but I have never once heard them say that they would have aborted the baby if they had the option. The hardship faced by a special needs child is real, don’t get me wrong, but why should the child have to be killed in order for you to avoid hardship? This speaks volumes about how we value children in our society and how we will only accept children who are flawless into this world instead of every child as they are. The left preaches diversity as strength unless it contradicts with their love of inconsequential pleasure and action.

This leads me to the real issue that people have with easy access to abortion: dodging responsibility. The real reason that the hedonistic left wants abortion so readily available is to avoid the responsibility for their actions. More and more people are simply admitting to having abortions as if it were just a form of birth control which it is not. The left worships at the altar of Planned Parenthood for their “women and sexual health advocacy” and yet insist that abortion should be readily and easily available on demand. If the condoms and now birth control are so easy to get ahold of, why are we seeing so many abortions in America? It’s the idea that you can do as you please without having to face the repercussions of those actions. At this point in America there is no ignorance of how to have safe sex with the prevalence of sex education in the American public schools system. It falls to the fact that people don’t want to do what they need to do and the left advocates for this mindless consequence free lifestyle, labelling it under the guise of freedom of body and right to yourself and your life.

At this point, how do we as Conservatives reconcile the murder that is abortion with the desire for smaller government and less laws. It’s actually quite simple to do. We need to change our dialogue and ensure that we call abortion the murder that it really is. The government already has the ability to prosecute and punish people for murder. As we steer the conversation more towards what Abortion really is, we can bring the laws about abortion under that same umbrella. Roe v Wade is not going to be overturned, and in the increasingly hedonistic society we find ourselves in the battle must be waged elsewhere. Educate everyone about the truth in regards to abortion and we will have the answers we need. Stop fighting for a Supreme Court overturning of Roe v Wade and start moving the conversation and the legislation in a direction that will actually save the lives of the thousands of children killed every year.


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