Radical Islam: Why the name matters.

I avoided talking about Orlando for a very long time. This was mostly because I figured it was self evident what the cause was but also because some other high profile people were saying many of the things I would have said anyways. Finally after some cooling down I feel it necessary to address something important in regards to the Orlando shooting. Primarily, I want to address something that our Commander in Chief has said. He was getting hot and bothered about the criticism of the lack of the term “radical Islam” in regards to the attack. One of his selling points was that it wouldn’t change the threat that we face from those that prescribe to this particular ideal of the world.

He is partially correct, the label we put on our enemy won’t change the threat we face from them. What Obama is failing to understand, however, is the mentality that we take towards that enemy. Properly naming the threat as it exists allows us to identify the problem and attack the root. Calling it Radical Islam allows us to identify the core of the issue which is radical Islam and attack it where is stands. The problem arises from the fact that Obama and the regressive left are so concerned with not offending anyone that they fail to take the appropriate measures to counter America’s threats.

This mentality is so strong inside of the left that not even 2 weeks after the tragedy in Orlando, the leftists in the House of Representatives sat on the floor of congress and acted like they were being oppressed by the powers at be, singing “We Will Overcome”. This was all because they wanted stricter Gun Control in response to the attack in Orlando. Let that sink in for a minute. Because the Senate and the House voted down bills from BOTH sides of the aisle that would put a few more regulations on gun sales, the House Democrats felt the need to sit on the ground like children and act like they were being sprayed with fire hoses in Alabama in 1964.

The left has repeatedly tried to shift the blame for the Orlando shooting from one thing to another. For days afterwards there were reports that the shooter was fighting his inner gay feelings and that made him angry enough to shoot up the nightclub. Then the topic shifted  to guns and how he made it past the background checks needed to buy one. Then it shifted to the incompetence of the FBI for not putting a gun sale ban on him, even though they followed due process and couldn’t find any evidence to prevent him from buying a gun. Then the problem shifted to the fact that he bought a gun in the first place and the left put the blame solely on guns.

All the while the left is shifting the blame, the rest of the country is trying to get through to the politicians that the man called 911 and pledged allegiance to Allah and ISIS. The left then released the 911 tapes, only for the public to discover that the parts where he claimed allegiance to ISIS had been redacted. It took nearly 24 hours for the government to give in to the public demands and release the uncut 911 tapes. The extent that the left is trying to cover up the true cause of the shooting should worry us.

The true reason behind the left’s cover up of Radical Islamic terrorism within the US is fairly obvious. The primary motivation is to maintain a staunch voting base within the US muslim population. There was nary a mention of the fact that the Orlando shooter was a registered Democrat, but if he was a Republican there would be no end to the media storm of reporting. By protecting muslims of any ilk and condemning real criticism of their beliefs with the term “Islamaphobia” they can appear to be the sympathetic ear and get more of the Islamic vote.

The second reason they are covering this up is to paint a veneer of normalcy in the immigration process. Currently, Donald Trump is running for president and one of the cornerstones of his platform is severely curtailing illegal immigration and the importation of refugees from Muslim nations. As can be seen in Europe and increasingly now in the US these immigrants are coming with their own culture and refuse to assimilate. The Democrats run on the platform of diversity and acceptance at all cost which in the end gains the Democratic party more votes and more power.

All in all the appearance of “tolerance” and “acceptance” is just a cover to give the Democratic Party more power and control over the government. The problem that they are running into is that more and more Americans are seeing through the varnish they are putting on the problems of America and their solutions have just created more problems for the country. As both parties find themselves moving further and further apart to opposite ends of the spectrum, one thing must be made abundantly clear: We must address the direct and immediate threats to America head on and fight them at their core and it begins with naming the threat as it is.



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