My Platform

I had an interesting conversation with my wife today. In it she challenged me to write down my platform should I run for a public office like Senator, Governor, President etc. As I was thinking about it I thought that this was a pretty excellent idea. It’s no secret that I am very conservative but it might be easier if I enumerated where I stand on various issues. So in the following article I will outline where I stand on policy. I will word this as if I were actually running for office.


Let’s start with the hot button topic of immigration. I actually agree with a vast amount of points brought up with Trump’s recent immigration speech. I am fully for a wall between the United States and Mexico. You cannot be a country without borders and our borders are poorly enforced from both sides. Before accusations of racism are thrown my way, let me clarify that there needs to be increased border protection on all sides. The reason I advocate a border between the US and Mexico is because it’s easier to build a wall on the smaller portion. Along with this, there are countless cases where illegal immigrants from Mexico have committed crime after crime. An easy way to offset the cost of the wall is to charge a 1-2% tax on any transaction sending money from the US to Mexico. The reasoning behind this is much of the money being made by illegal immigrants is being sent back to Mexico and not being spent in the US. We can also reallocate funds from the much bloated budget of the EPA towards this wall and it will be built and fully funded within the next 4 years. In regards to the already millions of illegal immigrants in the US, arrest and deport those with criminal records and impose a fine on those whose only crime is illegally migrating. Afterwards, those that remain must file the proper paperwork to become a proper citizen, or pay the fees to extend their visa etc. The problem of illegal immigration has cost the US billions of dollars in the economy and the situation must be rectified.

Syrian Refugees

On to another hot button issue, the “refugee crisis”. Especially after seeing what has happened in European countries that have allowed Syrians into their borders without limits and without proper vetting this one seems like a no brainer. We do not accept anyone from that region without first developing a proper vetting program. After such program is in place, we allow only those that can be properly vetted into the country. We do not allow untold numbers of refugees into the country without first ensuring that they are not going to commit an act of terror as seen in San Bernadino and Orlando.

Gun Control

I’ve written about this before, but I will reiterate my position here. Yes gun control is important, but the measures we already have in place are sufficient. There was a reporter who tried to prove that these controls were not effective but was denied a gun because he had a criminal record. The only thing more gun control is going to do is allow the black firearms market to explode and keep guns from being in the hands of law abiding citizens for self defense etc. A sweeping law allowing concealed and open carry of firearms would be on my agenda because that law is most definitely keeping within the constitutional 2nd Amendment.


Hands off. Let the economy handle itself. We have enough regulations already and should we add anymore it will cause the economy to belly flop. Let the minimum wage do its thing, but by no means should the federal government, or state government mandate a $15 an hour minimum wage. This causes the price of goods and services to go up in order to compensate, hours to be cut and small businesses to be shut down. Instead spend that time and effort to crack down on the corrupt money in Wall Street and those that are circumventing the proper taxes.


While we’re at it, simplify the tax code and cut taxes on the middle class. The wealthiest and the top of the middle class cannot sustain this level of taxation if we want our economy to survive. Less taxation on the middle class means more expendable income which means more money to spend on businesses that will grow and help our economy surge back to where it needs to be.

Government Budget

Cut the chaffe away. Ensure that government projects are done in time and in an efficient manner to trim the budget. Do an audit of the finances of each government agency and ensure that their money is being used effectively. Instead of passing a general government funding bill, pass a budgetary bill for each specific department of the government. A general budget bill does no good and allows for plenty of pork and caveats to be embedded in the budget that is unnecessary. Cut the programs that are unnecessary and move that money either back to the people in refunds, or reallocate those funds to other places that need the money badly.

Foreign Policy

Non-interventionist. Do not get involved unless American interests are directly affected. This sounds selfish and it is. We have done more good for the world than the rest of it combined and its time for them to stop being so dependent on the US for care and aid. Keep our military budget the same to develop new technology, but don’t intervene unless absolutely necessary as advised by cabinet members. Secure our borders first and then worry about helping others secure theirs. Continue to attack ISIS/ISIL because that is a direct threat to the USA. Negotiate the first trade deal with post-Brexit UK, and shoot down the TPP.

Law and Order

Support the people’s right to free speech and the right to peaceably assemble, but the second demonstrations get out of hand shut it down as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Don’t allow rioting to continue and arrest and prosecute those who riot and destroy businesses. Support the police but prosecute the few bad eggs in the bunch to the fullest extent of the law. Allow the right to fair trial and always allow the innocent until proven guilty method to prevail. In regards to Gitmo, leave it open. Terrorists who attack America do not deserve to be catered to. Also fight harder for equality in family courts were men aren’t given custody of children as often as women, even when the father is more fit to parent.

Reproductive Rights

Pro-life. The crux of the matter is to work hard to reclassify abortion for what it really is: murder. There are plenty of places that can provide birth control/condoms for little to no charge. Abortion should not be an on-demand service and should only be used in cases where it threatens the mother’s life and only as a last resort. The government should also not mandate businesses and/or health providers provide birth control to their employees as that is a free market decision and the market will decide who does what.


First of all repeal Obamacare. The outrageous “tax” that is levied for not having health insurance is ridiculous. If the government wants to provide basic health care for those who cannot afford it that is fine, but leave it at a state level and not a federal level. If the people of a specific state want that program they can have their tax dollars to that state help fund that program. Federal healthcare in America is a bad idea and should be controlled on the state level. The government should also not mandate that businesses provide healthcare for workers regardless of how many hours the employee works. The free market will drive prices as they will and the people buying insurance will decide which companies get to live or die.


Just keep the government out of the churches. Let people marry whom they please but don’t force religious leaders to participate in something that violates their freedom of religion. The same goes for businesses. The market will decide if those businesses live or die in the free market. This is a violation of first amendment rights and should not be condoned by the government in any capacity.

NSA/Security etc.

Fight the NSA an other security services from collecting citizen’s information without a warrant. This is a violation of 4th Amendment rights and is something that should not be done without due cause.

End Notes

Basically keep the government out of everything it has no business being in. The government doesn’t need to mandate marriage, it doesn’t need to mandate business codes or ethics. The states and the free market will decide on its own a lot of the decisions that the federal government is taking on itself. More than anything, the power needs to be returned to the people so that their states can make laws that benefit themselves and keep the people in DC from imposing sweeping laws that the people in that particular state may not want, provided it’s constitutional. If the law is within the bounds of the Constitution then by all means pass the law, but if it’s not within the purview of the federal government leave it to the states and the people in the states.



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